Laser Photo Wizard Software Version 8
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  How to do 3D Gray

3D Gray takes a PNG file with a transparent background and creates a 3D like engraving. How it works is anyplace that is tranparent is changed to balck, the hightest engraving value. Any place that is not transparent is dithered using the selected dithering algorithem. You can select the gray level for the dithered image. Selecting a low number will make it look like the image is a raised cutout. Selecting a hight number will make it look like an engraved image. Selecting a min range number like 100 will give a 3D like apperance to the output.

 How to create file with a transparent background

Normal Jpeg files contain red, green and blue information. There is another file type called PNG. This filetpe contains red, green, blue and alpha information. The alpha channel determins how transparent the image is. The 3D gray system uses this information to set the background to black for the maximum output when the transparency is 100%. The parts of the image that are not transparent are then dithered with the selected dither method.

So how do we create these PNG files? You can use a photo editor like photoshop and erase parts of the image by hand and then save the image as a PNG file or you can use Green Screen Wizard to use a photo with a green background and output a transparent background with the click of a button.

In Green Screen Wizard, first load an image with a green background:
Green Screen Photo Angle

Then select output transparent background. Where the checkerboard shows that is the transparent area.
Transparent Photo Angle

Then click on the save button. The Wizard will know you need a png file as it has a transparent background.

 How to create the 3D Gray Image?
To start the process of createing a 3D gray image, load the png file with the transparent background. When it is loaded the Laser Wizard will see the transparency information and then give it a white background where the image is fully transparent.

Laser photo wizard image

Select a dithering method.
Then check the 3D gray checkbox. This will turn the background black and the dithered image will have the gray that was specified in the edit box next to the 3D gray checkbox. Transparent Photo Angle

You can add text to the image. White text will be raised the most, gray text will be raised half. Laser photo wizard image

Then you can move it to the correct place on the page.
Laser photo wizard image

Now you are ready to print the image.
Laser photo wizard image

Make sure you select 3D mode in the printer driver.
Laser photo wizard image

Here is the output:
Laser photo wizard image