Laser Photo Wizard Software Version 6
Laser Engraving Photos is Now Easy!

This Laser Engraving Software prepares your photos with the click of a button for high quality laser engraving on any material.

Actual output on pre-finished maple plywood
Laser Engraving Photo Woman

Laser Engraving Photos

Green Screen Wizard has long been one of the top green screen removal systems used by over 30,000 photographers worldwide. We achieved this goal by making green screen photography easy to do. We have taken the framework of the Wizard and adapted it to bring the same ease of use to preparing images for Laser Engraving.

In normal mode Laser Engraving machines need an image that is pure black and white with no gray scale. To achieve this color images are converted to black and white grayscale images with many powerful conversion options. Once you have a gray scale image you need to change the gray to black or white.

Laser Photo Wizard uses three methods to achieve this:

o Edge Sketching - This method looks at the edges of an image to create a sketch of the image. This has an artistic quality and works very well on low cost lasers.

o Dithering - This method uses a series of black and white dots that are arranged so that the gray value in and give area is preserved.

o Combined Dithering with Sketch - This method, that works well with wood, increases the contrast of the engraved image buy dithering and also considering the edges of the photo.

The system also has the ability to add text, vector outlines and overlays to the image. A built in black and white editor is offered in the pro version.

New in version 5 - 3D Gray
Some of the newer lasers support 3D engraving. This mode changes the power of the laser depending on the gray scale of the image. While 3D depth maps are the best for this job they are hard to make. Laser Photo Wizard 5 assigns a gray scale value to the dithered image to create a 3D look.

Laser Engraving Photo Eagle

3D Gray is not true 3D. What it does is it raises the image off the background then engraves the raised area. To do this the image needs to be a png file with a transparent background. These files can easily be made by Photoshop and other image editing software. You can also use Green Screen Wizard to create a transparent background for any image shot on a green screen.
Simply changing your text to white and will create raised letters on the final image.

Click here to for a step by step guide to 3D Gray.

Laser Photo Wizard Software Output Methods

Edge Sketching

The Sketch will attempt to look at edges and create a solid sketch of the image. This is very helpful because it is not only artistic, but lower cost lasers that do not control their power and position as well still can do a nice rendering on most materials.
Laser Engraving Photo

There are sliders that let you control the thickness of the edge and what is white and black.

Sample Sketch Output on Cherry:
Laser Engraving Photo


Floyd-Steinberg Dithering

Floyd-Steinberg is a dithering algorithm. Dithering is converting a grayscale image to black and white, such that the density of black dots in the new image approximates the average grey level in the original.
Laser Engraving Photo

As you can see this does not look very good. That is because the displays output pixels do not match the converted image.
We can use the preview mode that takes the pure black and white for the laser output and shows you how it might look on the final output.
You can also show how it might look on the material like wood. The software will let you change this background image. This is not a perfect representation but it gives you a good idea of what the final product might look like.
The preview mode does not change the output image only what is shown on the screen.
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Colby Dithering

The Colby dithering algorithm was developed for this product by the author, Ken Colby. Like Floyd-Steinberg it tries to make the density of black dots in the new image approximate the average grey level in the original. Unlike Floyd-Steinberg it considers the original image and tries to arrange the dots so that they tend to appear near the darker areas. This creates a image with higher contrast but it is less smooth then the Floyd-Steinberg. It should always be used if you are outputting landscapes or products but with people it is personal choice.
The following output images show the Colby algorithm output but because of the small size of the images the differences from the Floyd-Steinberg are subtle.

Laser Engraving Photo
Laser Engraving PhotoLaser Engraving Photo

Sample Dithered Output on Granit:
Laser Engraving Photo


This method, that works well with wood, increases the contrast of the engraved image buy dithering and also considering the edges of the photo.

Laser Engraving Photo
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Actual Colby-Sketch Output on wood:
Laser Engraving Photo

Image Inversion and Mirroring

The system can also invert the photo, meaning that the black and white will be reversed. On stone and Plexiglas the laser makes a white mark. This would cause a negative image to be created. Turning on the inversion corrects this problem.
When engraving Plexiglas you may want to engrave on the back of the plastic. This would cause a mirror image to be formed. This is fixed by turning on mirroring.

Actual Colby-Sketch Output on Plexiglas:
Laser Engraving Photo

Add Text and Images
The system has an advanced text feature that lets you place text of any color and font anyplace on the output. Text can be output as bitmap text or vector text.

Actual output with text:
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Cutout Images
When loading an image, you can choose to have the system trace it and output it as vectors. The vectors can highlight or cut the image out depending on your engraver settings.

In this example the black silhouette was imported as an image and converted to cutting vectors to create this beautiful Christmas ointment:
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Laser Photo Wizard Software

Laser Photo Wizard Pro

o The Full Version supports all 3 conversion methods Sketch, Floyd-Steinberg Dithering and Colby.
o 3D Gray engraving
o Vector Cutouts
o Dialogs for Color Balance, Rotation and Scaling are provided.
o With the Full version you can add simple labels.
o Overlays, png files with transparent area can be use to frame the image.
o The Pro System has a robust system for adding text and additional images to your project.
o Skin Smoothing software make for better portrait output.
o Square, oval, and heart shaped frames can be added
o Lighting effects can be used the enhance the image
o A built in editor will let you clean up images especially in sketch mode.

For more information about the Pro system Click Here...

Buy it now, for only $149.95 you will receive a license that can be used for 4 Windows computers